Welcome to Rock Lobster. Nobody cares.

Everyone is 20 point buy. All races allowed besides stupid monstrous races. You know which ones those are. Combat stamina is a free feat. Traits and background skills. Sphere casters allowed. If you abuse it, I will take it away. No being a faggot. No exceptions.

I will be running premade campaigns based in Forgotten Realms. Any form of looking up information or out of game knowledge (including monsters or campaign modules), and I will throw you from the campaign immediately. No exceptions.

Arcane magic will be seen as taboo. Most commoners will dislike arcane magic users, but not divine. They are racist against certain races, so be aware.

Punches will not be pulled. New players (so far, only Deathgra) will get advice such as, but not limited to, “are you sure?” or “you’re going to die because you’re a seven foot tall fucking lizard.” However, if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. The dice don’t lie for or against your benefit.

Rock Lobster

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