Astoria Vinn

Level 5 Half-Elf Wall Builder


Character Sheet

Astoria is a female half elf, standing at 5’3" with sea green hair and eyes, a feature gained from her Aquatic Elf blood. She rarely is seen without her Quill at her side. She carries a small drum, strapped to her side, but but it only receives occasional use.

When in town, traveling, or exploring, Astoria is commonly seen in a normal explorers outfit, along with a Chain Shirt. Occasionally she will dress up for a show, or into her dress if appropriate.

Two morningstars are at her side when combat seems likely, though shoe does not look as though she could wield them particularly well.

Quick Combat Summary:
Draws runes to make effects happen
Common effects at game start are barriers, walls, and making weapons fly into people


Astoria Vinn is the daughter of an elf women named Sarathall Milatia and a human man named Jeremiah Vinn. She was raised in a small largely elf village off the coast of the Dolphingulf, at the northwest edge of the Mhair Jungles.

Sarathall is the daughter of an Aquatic Elf and an Elf. She had been raised on the land, not having inherited her mother’s ability to swim.
Astoria learned some tales of the Aquatic Elves from her, as well as reverence for the god Deep Sashelas.
She inspired in her the desire to learn and discover art, though Astoria took little interest outside of paintings and calligraphy.

Jeremiah was a man who did not share his past with his family, and passed on shortly after Astoria’s 4th birthday. He had been in town just over a year when she was born.
He was attacked for unknown reasons just outside the village.

The village had been a small, quite, peaceful place, but this had terrified Sarathall. With no way to know the cause behind this attack she took her daughter and fled to the east, into Halruaa. Scared that whomever had killed Jeremiah could follow, she gave little notice to family and friends before departing.

Nearly a year later the duo arrived in Halagard, in the nation of Halruaa. They had traveled with a few trading caravans until they found a place they would be happy to settle down. Several thousand people lived there, making it easier to get lost in the crowd if needed. There was easy access to the water which Sarathall, despite her lack of more prominent Aquatic Elf traits, was drawn to.

The two did modestly well. Sarathall knew a small amount of magic, the people nearby were happy to lend a hand when needed, and Astoria was safe to play outside and learn about the city. As any immigrant must do, she paid lip service, and held some amount of faith, in Mystra and Azuth. This did little to detract from their belief in Deep Slashelas, but they could do little in the way of public prayer.

Astoria grew, and as time went on managed to pick up some amount of magic of her own. She had little luck with traditional wizards magic, but there are many kinds of magic in the world and no better place to learn about them. She came across a book on Runic magic, an uncommon and less precise form of magic compared to modern wizardry, and delved into it, quickly managing a few minor feats of magic.
She found herself especially adept at protective magic, able to form weak barriers quickly and efficiently. This was, of course, put to use to explore the rooftops. Being able to make an impromptu set of stairs made her remarkably able to travel to and from the rooftops. She even made short ventures into Akhkaur Swamp, mostly on the hope of adventure, before returning home upon the first surprise.

As Astoria thrived, Sarathall seemed to slowly languish. This was caused by a few factors, but the largest being her daughter growing more independent and homesickness. Despite the magic and splendor an Halruaa, it simply was not home.

The two grew a bit more apart each year, until Astoria reached her 20th birthday. It had been made clear to Astoria that her mother wanted to return to her home, so Astoria set out to make that happen. With little convincing they boarded a trade caravan headed to Tashluta, did a few odd jobs to earn their keep, and departed shortly at the first sign of the mountaintops northwest of their home.

Sarathall was thrilled, back with her family after so many years. The village had grown, becoming a small town. There was little trade, and few travelers. Astoria quickly became bored and knew she would need to move on.

At the age of 22, having spent over a year getting to know her more extended family again, Astoria let her family know of her intent and prepared to set out. Her mother offered to follow, as did a few of the younger children, but Astoria believed they would be happier here. She set out with her few belongings the night before she had informed them to prevent any attempts at joinging her. She was intending to ride with trade caravans and explore the lands of Halruaa, believing it would be safer than the surrounding areas.

To pay her dues on the caravans she joined on with she picked up a few methods of entertainment. She discovered she had a talent for speaking, and was decent at playing the drums. Along with what minor magical aid she could give, she was able to live without too many day to day problems. As most people would only join the caravan for stretches of time she got to meet many interesting people.

Astorias most treasured possession was gained during these travels. She had taken little with her when she left home, so every little thing she was given held some amount of value to her.

An old man happened to be with the caravan, traveling to Halruaa from their last stop. The man had seen her working on her runic magic, seeing that it took her a few attempts to get an effect, and suggested she make use of a focus of some type to improve her concentration. He lent her a beautiful quill, which was obviously magical, and gave her a few tips on concentrating. This seemed to work quite well for her, and she returned the quill and set off in search of something she could call her own. She made use of a paintbrush for some time, but it never seemed to work quite as well as that quill. Perhaps she could find a similar one once they returned to Halruaa.

He got a look at a painting she had been working on, just recently trying her hand at it, and made her an offer. He would let her have the quill in return for her finished painting. Knowing the quill was worth far more than her beginners painting, she was ecstatic. She was delighted to learn the quill would supply any color ink, as if it was an unending brush, and that the ink could give off light.

She spoke to the old man more and more as time went on, and discovered he had been a traveling wizard, going around attempting to help small towns and those in need. He had little to no ability to fight, but had went out into the dangerous world in an effort to make a difference. He told a few stories of his travels, and she learned that he had made the quill she had tried himself.

The old man was clearly nearing his time, making comments often about what he would like to finish up before the end. Astoria was confused, asking why he did not settle down and seek some comfort for his final days. The answer she got would shape her view of the world more than any other single event in her life. “I have spent my life bringing happiness where I could. I have made a few mistakes, but in the end I can say that I believe I have done well. In my travels I have seen suffering and strife, things I would have never experienced staying in Halruaa. Now, as my end comes near, I want to be able to ask myself ‘Have I left the world a better place’ and have no doubts about my answer.”

This old man, who just wanted to spread a bit of happiness to the world, had departed somewhere in Lapaliita, to go off and do one more “last thing” before he ran out of time. Astoria searched for him for some time, but never managed to find him again.

And now for whatever bullshit the rest of the party decides to do for actually meeting up.

Astoria Vinn

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